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The Car App that Pays You Back
Track Values. Get Offers. Earn Rewards.
Launching Spring 2018
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How it Works
Download the app for free
Use the app to track values, demand and equity position for your car.
When you're interested in seeing what the market will bring, get offers for your car privately with no obligation.
Earn $1 cash back for each friend you refer. Earn $20 if you sell or trade a car through Vingo
What's My Car Worth
Your car is worth what someone is willing to pay...
There are many sites that provide a ballpark value on what your car is worth. Anyone who has ever traded or sold a vehicle knows your car is only worth what someone is willing to pay you.
Vingo lets you name your asking price for your vehicle and truly shop your vehicle across the market and not just to a small handful of dealers.
What if I'm Not in the Market to Sell
Timing is everything. Know long before you go.
Vingo lets you start tracking your vehicle long before you are ready to sell. Vingo keeps tabs on the current market value, tells you if the market is hot or not for your car and lets you put out feelers. When it's time to look to sell, simply update your vehicle status.
You're Not Going to Spam Me? Are You?
Get more offers and fewer phone calls
There's nothing worse than having several dealers blow up your phone five minutes after visiting a website. Vingo lets you solicit offers privately. You only share your contact info with a dealer if and when you want to work with them. The end result is you get more offers with fewer solicitation phone calls and emails from dealers.
What do I earn?
Earn Rewards.
Tell a friend. We will give you $1 in Amazon eGift card credits for each friend you refer who downloads and launches our app.
If you sell or trade your vehicle, we'll send you a $20 Amazon eGift card as a thank you.
What's the Catch?
There's no catch
The truth is that dealers are always looking to acquire vehicles and customers. We help connect you with dealers but we do it on your terms.