Alexa, Entertain My Traveling Companions!

Out of the many cool features of the new Alexa-enabled Garmin Speak Plus, the one that made me chuckle was “Keep Traveling Companions Entertained”. These days my traveling companions consist of a toddler and couple of spry baby boomers. If that’s not enough entertainment already, then I’m in trouble. Besides, Alexa, I don’t think you can handle that tough of a crowd! Check out the cool Garmin Speak Plus gadget here

Seriously, is there any place where Alexa isn’t these days? A regular fixture in many of our homes, Alexa has now made her way into our car. On the surface, the Garmin Speak Plus does many things that you would expect it to. Get turn by turn directions. Play music. Dig a little deeper though and you’ll find that this device has some features that really set it apart.

The biggest upgrade introduced this year is the in-dash camera with lane departure and forward collision warnings. If you don’t have this feature in your car today and contemplating buying a new car with this option added, that alone justifies the expense. The Garmin Speak Plus will cost half as much if not less when you consider that this is often a package item in most cars.

With Alexa built in, the possibilities are endless. Order takeout from your car on your way home from work. Can’t remember if you turned off the AC before heading out. No worries! Alexa can control your home devices remotely if you’re home is equipped. Basically, anything you can do with Alexa at home you can do from your car. Pretty amazing!

When you look at the feature by feature breakdown, this is one cool gadget. Father’s day anyone?

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